History of Llanharry

 Llanharry is an ever-expanding village in the northern part of the Border Vale of Glamorgan four miles north of Cowbridge. For much of its history the village has been inextricably linked with iron mining in the Roman and Elizabethan times and for a time in the 20th century, it boasted the only iron mine in Wales. However, a small plaque attached to a wall just below The Fox and Hounds public house reminds us that the earliest known visitors were not miners, but a much earlier semi-nomadic tribe of Bronze Age people known as Beaker Folk. The plaque was erected in the 1960's by the Parish Council as a result of pupil pressure from The Primary School and commemorates a chance find in 1929 of the skeleton of a man, aged about 35 years, 5ft. 9ins. in height together with the customary beaker pot that is 8 ins tall.